In the past, Harvest Moon was more of a farming simulation with a little bit of role-playing added in. Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland takes the series in a new direction, by offering a deeper and more robust role-playing experience. The object of this game is to save the village from being turned into a resort. Unlike previous Harvest Moon titles, Harvest Moon: Save the Homeland has a stronger focus on developing relationships with the townsfolk, and it offers nine unique ways to complete your task.


The player takes on the role of a 21-year-old man whose grandfather, Tony, recently died and left him his farm. Upon arriving at the farm, nominally to pick up his grandfather’s belongings, the player’s character encounters three “Harvest Sprites” and the Harvest Goddess, who ask him to stay on the farm and help them.


The area is slated to be demolished within a year to make way for a resort and amusement park. The goal of the game is to find a way to save the town before the year’s end.