In 2112, Nanotechnologists at the Applied Meta-Prionics Limbic Tuning Department will create organic machines that can be inserted into the human brain to access both the physical and metaphysical secrets within. In an attempt to induce synesthesia, a “gift” that one of the technologists has, Mari programs a new batch of bots to enter her mind and unlock this enhanced visual/aural perception. This deluge of imagery and sound is overwhelming and unfortunately, Mari’s brain shuts down. You will use the AMPLITUDE Operating System to enter Mari’s memories, senses and emotions. There you will blast away the protective scarification that her brain has created around these synesthetic senses and bring her back to life.


The new Amplitude is treated like a classic, sci-fi concept album. There is a narrative that runs through the game and surfaces in many ways through the visuals, music and song lyrics.


Players will speed down long, winding paths made up of the different musical elements of a song. Each track is differentiated with the musical sounds of synthesizers, drums, vocals, and bass. As players blast away the patterns of gems on these tracks, they release musical energy and recreate the hidden song within.


Gameplay remains easy to pick up and difficult to master. Achieving a top score will be a challenge and therefore worth bragging about via online leaderboards.


Amplitude supports up to four players locally. Challenge your friends and use devastating power-ups during frenetic multiplayer matches to secure your place at the top.

DLC Content

  1. Nanoblaster “Twist A”
  2. “Do Not Retreat” Song Unlock