In 2010, Another Century’s Episode R was released on the PlayStation 3. As the fourth entry in the series, ACE:R was a game with a lot of hype surrounding it, and fans were promised a much more refined game with new gameplay elements to greatly expand upon it. Along with the new features, fans were also told to expect brand new characters from animes such as Code Geass, Full Metal Panic, Aquarion, Macross Zero, Macross Frontier, and even Gundam SEED Destiny. The game was going to have an amazing cast of new characters, great gameplay, and it was going to be the first in the series to go HD.


The main story in ACE:R is pretty straight forward. Taking place in the far future, humans have expanded past the Sol system, and they have begun colonizing other planets. In order to help themselves, humans developed androids called “Seasons” to help them with the colonization process, but things take a turn for a worst. The Seasons begin killing humans, the humans try to fight back, but hope is pretty much lost. That is, until a worm hole opens up to alternate dimensions/timelines and pulls some of the greatest mech pilots of all time into the fight.


From that point on, each pilot joins the massive battle, and the story goes from there. Along with fighting the Seasons, the pilots face other enemies from their own history, and things become a mixed up mess of a war. Overall the story is very generic, but the story isn’t the focus of the game, nor is it the only story that takes place here.