Given a project code “A15”, it is the fifteenth game in the official Atelier series, and is a part of the Twilight series. The game has been released in Japan, Asian regions, North America and Europe. There has been no announcement of localization for other countries. Actill handled the English translation work.


The game’s story takes place four years after the beginning of Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk,[5] in a far away place to the west of the Twilight Land. This place was in the past very prosperious thanks to the art of alchemy. To prevent the some day occuring “End of Dusk”, the people of the land have rediscovered the lost art of alchemy and concentrates their powers on reviving the art.


The story takes place in the remote town Colseit where a development project takes place. Because of the yearning for a ruin, known as “The Unexplored Ruin”, that floats in the sky and no one has ever entered, Colseit was created.


The two main protagonists are a young man called Logix “Logy” Fiscario, an alchemist who left his old life in The Center due to certain unfortunate circumstances, and traveled to Colseit in order take part in a development project, and a girl called Escha Malier, a young alchemist who lives in that very town. On the very same day, they are both officially assigned to the development team, and the two promise to together make full use of alchemy to help the development team. They will fumblingly carry out their assigned tasks while deepening their relationships to the people around them.