Long ago, during the Age of Machines, the world’s inhabitants lived in a state of technological bliss. The machines had one primary purpose: to prevent the Desert of Death from consuming the lands by keeping it at bay. However, war and quarrels ensued between the people of the land, and the area was completely swallowed by sand. The goddess, in anguish over not being able to save the people, split the world into two continents, dividing them by a barrier of water known as the Outer Sea. The Desert of Death was contained in the former continent, allowing life to flourish in the latter. The goddess maintained a steady construction of machines, sending them over to the hospitable continent through a giant transportation vehicle known as the Black Ship, aiding the humans in their effort to rebuild society.


However, the threat to the world was not yet over. In fear that the world would one day be destroyed by the power kept by the Dragon Clan, the goddess created four Guardians. She gave them one objective; to find and annihilate each and every member of the Dragon Clan to eliminate that threat. However, the Dragon Clan never fought back or made any form of resistance. The once proud clan was virtually eradicated.