Alien forces have sent four different comets towards the player’s home planet. Now it’s up to the player to to capture and secure each comet before the comets are able to do irreversible damage.


Comet Crash is a tower defense game with a bit of a twist. Instead of just merely trying to defend a base from wave after wave of enemy hordes, the game also tasks the player with having to take out an enemy base.


Players take direct control of a spaceship. This ship allows the player to gather a resource known as Thorium. Thorium is collected by dragging Thorium filled meteors into the player’s defensive lasers and turrets in order to destroy them, and then the player can gather the Thorium that comes out. The Thorium is then converted to currency, which is then able to be spent on building more base defenses, and is also used to create structures that make offensive units.


Bundle Content

  • Comet Crash: Bionic Swarm


Comet Crash: Bionic Swarm is an expansion pack for the award winning real time strategy game, Comet Crash. Bionic Swarm is packed with incredible new gameplay features, 16 new levels and 10 battle maps across two new environments. Invent new strategies to battle with transforming swarm creatures, kamikaze drones and even long range nukes. Don’t miss the continuation of this epic strategic adventure!