Dead or Alive 5: Last Round is the third and final revision of the fighting game Dead or Alive 5, following Dead or Alive 5: Plus and Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate. For the Xbox One and the PS4 it is the first release of the game for the platform. For the PlayStation and Xbox versions of the game it is in some cases possible to carry over DLC and save data from the previous titles, also from 360 to One and PS3 to PS4.


Owners of Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate for the PS3 and Xbox 360 can update their game for free to Last Round to play online matches against players of Last Round but need to buy the new content (characters such as Marie Rose, Phase 4, Nyotengu, Honoka, Raidou, and costumes) through DLC. The game as a single purchase is not available for the Xbox 360, see the trivia section.


The game continues the typical DoA gameplay with 3D arenas and fighting on a 2D plane. Characters can sidestep and knock opponents through danger zones into other parts of the environment. Attacks consist of four buttons (light and strong punches and kicks) to perform combos, throws, blocking. There is no jump input. Advanced moves include counters, critical stun attacks and power blows. The game offers three play styles (casual, pro and online pro) and four main game modes: story, fight, training and online.


Story consists of a series of one-round matches for different characters with cut-scenes and conversations that further the story and explain the motives of the different characters. Training consists of a 42-step tutorial where the game mechanics can be practiced. Online mode offers both ranked and lobby matches for online multiplayer. In lobby matches players can search for opponents and define settings such as the connection strength, region, minimum and maximum strength, fight rules, fight type and the number of rounds.


DLC Content

  • Dead or Alive 5 costumes DLC
    – Round 1: First Time Pack
    – Round 2: Kitty Pack,Special Set1,What a Character
    – Round 3: Gym Class, Uniform and Special Set 2.
    – Round 4: Players Swimwear Set,Angels,Devils,DOATEC Divas
    – Round 5: China Pack,Formal Wear,Special Set 3
    – Round 6 DLC: Christmas Set 1.
    – Round 7 DLC: Christmas Set 2.
    – Round 8 DLC: Hotties Swimwear Set.
    – Round 9 DLC: Fighter Pack.
    – Round 10 DLC: Hot Getaway and Cheerleaders Set.
  • Dead or Alive 5: Ultimate All costumes DLC
    – Bad Girl and J-Pop outfits, Collectors Edition outfits, Schoolgirl outfits and Race Queen outfits.
    – School Uniforms
    – Intimate and Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate Costumes
    – Halloween Costumes, Haunted Lorelei Stage and Kasumi Ragnarok Ace Outfit
    – Sports Costumes
    – Casual Costumes Volume 1 and 2
    – Legacy and Santa costume set
    – Tropical Sexy costumes
    – New Character Marie Rose, Lorelei Stage(unhaunted) and Yaiba Ninja Gaiden Z costumes
    – Nurse Costume set
    – New character named Phase-4 and Overalls Costume set
    – Bath and Bedtime Costume set
    – Maid Costume set
    – Nyotengu and her debut costume set
    – Sexy Bunny Costume set
    – Halloween Costumes 2014 set
    – Police Costume set
    – Christmas 2014 costume set
  • Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round All costumes DLC
    – Ninja Clan 1,2,3 costume set
    – Senran Kagura costume set
    – Last Getaway Costume Set
    – Showstoppers Encore Costume Set
    – Fighter Force Costume Set
    – Deception Costume Set
    – Tamiki Wakaki Costume Set
    – Hot Summer Costume Set
    – Falcom Mashup Costume Set
    – Halloween 2015 Costume Set
  • BGM DOA2 Pack, BGM DOA3 Pack
  • Unlock Private Paradise Set (Movies)
  • Zack Island Stage,Haunted Lorelei Stage,Lorelei Stage(unhaunted)
  • Unlock Movies Story Mode timeline chapters,Vitory,Defeat (excluding those for Raidou & Honoka)



  • Select Help & Options in the Main Menu. Then press R1+R2+L1+L2 when the Help & Options submenu is displayed.
  • To unlock Honoka and Raidou costumes just do Tag Arcade (EASY) on them a few times to unlock all their costumes.