The game is a revisit of Tecmo’s 1996 PlayStation game Tecmo’s Deception: Invitation to Darkness. As a game focused on strategy, the player aims to defeat enemies by luring them into a wide variety of traps.


Eventually, the human race united and rose against him, and there soon emerged twelve Saints blessed with heavenly power who sealed away the Devil at last. The incantation of binding used by the Saints was contained in a sacred text known as the Holy Verses. Fearing the incantation’s misuse by malevolent forces in generations to come, the Saints erased the fact of their Sainthood from the annals of history, divided the Holy Verses into 12 fragments among themselves, and passed them down to their descendents secretly through the ages.


Since that time, 3000 years have passed… And the Devil, never ceasing in his search for the descendants who hold the Holy Verses, has finally ascertained their whereabouts. To aid in the collection of these texts, he spawned 3 servants who embody the essence of Elaborate Death, Sadistic Torture, and Humiliating Demise, and sent them into the human realm together with a “daughter” split off from his own soul.