DiRT Showdown was the first spin-off of the series, taking a more arcade approach to the much-loved franchise. In DiRT Showdown, players entered a series of Tour events and were presented with a variety of races and tournaments to contend with.


Released in 2012 on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360, the game added Hoonigan events and Destruction Derbies into the DiRTy mix of disciplines along with a host of online Party Modes such as Smash and Grab, Transporter and Speed Skirmish.


GameWatcher said: “there’s something about the driving model in Showdown that satisfies in a fashion that few other games manage. Whether that’s a result of simple expertise or just iteration over a number of titles is something only Codies can answer, but whatever the formula was for the success, you have to be happy they’ve gotten here.”

DLC Content

  1. VIP Pass
  2. Headstart Pack
  3. Loaded Liveries Pack
  4. Monster Energy Pack
  5. Hoonigan Pack