The Ultimate Doom (or The Ultimate DOOM as a brand, and informally “Ultimate Doom”) is an updated version of Doom released on April 30, 1995, that adds a fourth nine-level episode, Thy Flesh Consumed, which contains seven regular levels, one secret level, and one boss level. This enhanced version was made as an incentive in the distribution of the boxed game through retail stores and venues, although to be fair to fans who had previously registered Doom, id Software provided them with a freely available patch to upgrade their copy of Doom version 1.9 to The Ultimate Doom.


The player once again takes the role of the Marine, an unnamed hero, who, after being stranded on Phobos and subsequently fighting his way out of Deimos and Hell itself, returns back home to Earth — only to find that it too has fallen victim to an invasion from Hell.


TNT: Evilution, released on June 17, 1996, forms one half of Final Doom, a commercial product which consists of two 32-level IWADs (the other being The Plutonia Experiment), similar to Doom II. The “TNT” in the title stands for “The New Technology” and is also the name of the mapping team who created TNT: Evilution.


Classic Complete Contains

  1. The Ultimate Doom
  2. Doom II
  3. TNT Evilution
  4. The Plutonia Experiment
  5. Master Levels
  6. No Rest for the Living