Upgrade package to the latest installment of the series ‘Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2.’ Besides the additional playable characters such as Baiken and Answer, additional scenarios are available for play with improved balance for all characters.

DLC Content

  1. Revelator 2: Upgrade Pack
  2. Revelator 2: Colors Pack 1 Baiken
  3. Revelator 2: Colors Pack 1 Answer
  4. Revelator 2: System Voice Baiken
  5. Revelator 2: System Voice Answer
  6. Revelator 2: Colors Eclipse 2 (for Baiken & Answer)
  7. Playable Character Dizzy
  8. Playable Character Kum Haehyun
  9. Playable Character Raven
  10. Alternate Costume for Elphelt
  11. Preorder Pack: Character Colors Eclipse Set
  12. Character Colors Bundle (for all characters)
  13. Voice Pack Bundle (for all characters)
  14. Lobby Avatar Bundle (Jack-O’ [No Mask], Dr. Paradigm, April, Gabriel)