Hatsune Miku Project DIVA F 2nd features similar but improved gameplay over the first game, with a whopping 40 songs – a collection of the best new songs, and some of the most loved classic songs, previously only available in the Japanese releases.


Besides 40 songs and four difficulties for each in the Rhythm Game, players can enjoy the return of the Edit Mode feature, which lets you build your very own videos and Rhythm games using all of the in-game assets, and share them online with the world.


DLC Content

  1. EXTRA CHARACTERS PACK : Yowane Haku, Kasane Teto, Akita Neru
  2. EXTRA SKINS PACK : All Stars (Stationery) UI Skin, Kitty Cape (Concept) UI Skin, Kitty Cape (Checkered) UI Skin, Summer Memories (Pink) UI Skin, Summer Memories (Green) UI Skin, Meiko (Flower) UI Skin, General (Metallic) UI Skin, Miku (Honeycomb) UI Skin, Miku (Black Ivy) UI Skin, Miku & Luka (Heart) UI Skin, Miku & Luka in a Box UI Skin, Rin (Orange) UI Skin, Rin & Len (Green Field) UI Skin, Rin & Len (Buddies) UI Skin, Rin & Len & Kitty UI Skin, Kaito (Flower) UI Skin, Kaito (Gothic & Snow) UI Skin, Requiem (Blue Rose) UI Skin, Sakine Meiko (Lace & Pop) UI Skin, Noel Rouge (Stitching) UI Skin, Genius (Intelligence) UI Skin, Trickster (Night Dream) UI Skin, Blue Moon UI Skin, Black Star UI Skin, Butterflies & Blossom (CLR), Butterflies & Blossom (GLD), Crimson Leaf