Transformers Devastation is an original third-person action-brawler game based on Hasbro’s colossal science-fiction franchise and developed by acclaimed studio PlatinumGames. Combining fast-paced gameplay and fine-tuned controls, Transformers: Devastation evolves the iconic robots in disguise in a way never before seen in a Transformers video game. As the treacherous Decepticons launch a cataclysmic assault on Earth, the noble Autobots will have to muster all their strength to save their new home from destruction.


In New York City, a swarm of Insecticons and giant metal claws emerge from below, wreaking havoc. The Autobots arrive to investigate, battling Megatron and the Constructicons, who form Devastator. Megatron escapes into a hatch leading underground and reveals the attacks are the automatic defenses of the Proudstar, an Autobot ship which crashed on Earth millions of years ago that Megatron now controls, and announces his plans to use the Insecticons to cyberform the Earth, turning it into metal and creating a new Cybertron.


Optimus Prime explains that the Proudstar, captained by Nova Prime, was a ship meant to convert uninhabited planets into ones suitable to support Cybertronian life, and that its Ferrotaxis supercomputer contains a record of Cybertron’s history and culture which had been lost during the Great War. Entering the ship, the Autobots fight off Soundwave and attempt to access the plasma core powering the Proudstar and the Insecticons, but the security system ejects the core from the ship. Emerging, the Autobots learn the core’s location from Thundercracker and follow the trail.